Hitachi Ratio Beam Spektrophotometer U-4100

The needs for evaluation and quality control of optical materials such as glass, lens and prism are increasingly diversified due to shortening of exposure wavelength in etching process in parallel with the advance of semiconductor integration, enlargement of liquid crystal display, etc.. To meet such needs, the Model U-4100 can be offered in various system configurations as represented by the combination of a high-sensitivity integrating sphere, which ensures an accurate measurement within a broad wavelength range from ultra-violet to near infrared, and an ultra-large sample compartment which allows a nondestructive measurement of large samples.

■ Highly accurate measurement is ensured up to 175 nm with a high-sensitivity integrating sphere.

■ A large-size sample compartment enables the spectrophotometer to measure large samples (max. 430 × 430 mm) in a nondestructive way.

■ The newest user interface is equipped to present a comfortable operating environment. Report generator (available at option) is usable for generating reports in formats unique to each user.

■ A rich variety of optional accessories are available to meet a particular purpose of analysis.

Brochure (PDF 4500kb)

Optical Parts (PDF 2500kb)